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Booking a Vacation FAQs

How do I find a vacation?

Pick a destination from our Vacations page. When you click on a specific vacation, you will be taken to a page that provides an overview. On the page there will be links to detailed information about the vacation you are viewing including the Itinerary, Highlights, Maps, Hotels, Dates & Prices and more.
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How do I make a reservation?

Once you have found a vacation that interests you, you can use the "Book It" button located on the vacation pages. You can also contact a travel agent or call us at 1.800.269.3636 to answer any questions and to book your exciting Globus experience.
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How do I order a brochure?

Click here to be taken to our brochure order page.
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Why should I choose Globus?

  • With 200+ vacations to 68 countries on six continents, Globus gives you the choice to ensure you’ll truly see the world the way you want.
  • A variety of travel styles and specialty travel to meet the desires of today’s traveller. Faith-based travel, and many others.
  • VIP access (no waiting in lines) to major sights throughout your journey.
  • Inside visits to major and must-see sights included in the vacation price.
  • First-class and above pre-selected hotels located right where you want to be.
  • Expert Tour Directors share their unique stories and knowledge of destinations.
  • More reasons why to choose Globus
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What is the Travel Insurance Plan?

The Travel Insurance Plan offers important services to help protect your vacation purchase. Under the Trip Cancellation Waiver, you can cancel your trip any time up to departure for several eligible reasons as listed in the plan and receive a refund of the normally non-refundable Globus cancellation penalty amount. If your reason for cancellation does not qualify for a cash refund, you would instead receive a Cancel for Any Reason travel certificate equal to the cancellation penalty amount. Travel certificates are valid for travel within two years from the original canceled vacation start date.

In addition to the above, the plan offers Travel Insurance benefits including Trip Cancellation for independent air arrangements, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, medical expense, emergency medical transportation, baggage loss, theft, damage or delay coverage, etc. as well as 24-hour emergency assistance services.

Learn more about the Travel Insurance Plan:
For 2019 tours and 2020 tours booked prior to December 3, 2019
For 2021 tours or 2020 tours booked December 3, 2019 or later
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Why am I asked to give my passport name, gender and date of birth when booking air?

If the name on the airline reservation does not match the name exactly as it appears on your passport or other government-issued ID being used at the time of travel, you may not be allowed to board the plane. It is also important that this information be provided correctly at the time of booking, as any changes to your air booking, which includes spelling, could be subject to a change fee, penalties, higher fares, new schedule, and/or cancellation. TSA information is required within 10 days of booking air with Globus.
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How does Globus support sustainable travel and protect the environment?

Globus is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and to reducing its dependence on non-renewable resources. In this endeavor, we have implemented policies to support this mission and are working carefully to enhance our products with this mission and our values combined. We are committed to complying with all relevant legislation and/or regulations. Learn more about Globus' sustainable travel efforts.
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Are Globus tours disability accessible?

Globus makes reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of disabled and mobility impaired travellers but is not responsible in the event it is unable to do so. Because we cannot provide individual assistance to travellers in many situations, and most of our transportation services are not equipped with wheelchair ramps, we recommend that you view our terms and conditions for details and contact us to learn more.
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Why is my contact information collected when I book?

There may be times when unforeseen events beyond our control impact travel schedules and potentially disrupt your vacation. These include, but are not limited to, severe weather conditions, acts of nature, and government travel advisories. Under such circumstances, it is critical that Globus be able to contact you immediately and reliably-including nights, weekends, and holidays-to make sure we’ve informed you of any possible changes to your travel.

Additionally, the care and safety of our guests have always been our highest priority. There may be a need to contact you while on the trip or to contact someone back home due to an unforeseen event that happens while on the trip. Therefore, in addition to pre-trip contact information, we also require an emergency contact name and number, as well as an on-trip phone number for all travellers.

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