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Welcome to our News Room! Here, we invite you to learn more about the Globus family of brands’ legacy, itineraries and latest goings-on. Thank you for your interest. Enjoy!!

About Globus

Hello World!

Globus has always greeted the most fascinating places across the globe with unmatched intrigue, curiosity and wonder. Along the way, we’ve discovered the sights travellers must see, encountered the people they must meet, engaged in the customs to try and indulged in the cuisines to taste. From the world’s heart-pumping cosmopolitan cities to its tiny heartwarming towns, it is our greatest passion to share the joys we’ve uncovered – experiences that go beyond the landmarks and thoroughfares to the lesser known avenues that get travellers up close to our local favorites – and our favorite locals.

Beyond the Ordinary.

The Eiffel Tower. The Coliseum. Westminster Abbey. Every Globus tour always includes the legendary landmarks, the major attractions and the must-sees in history. Going beyond the iconic exteriors, Globus also leads travellers to the front of the line, straight through the door and inside the walls of Europe’s most awe-inspiring places. With priority access, we ensure travellers behold the sights they’ve long dreamed of – without getting held up for hours.

And, while it might be the iconic sights of the world that first entice travellers to pack bags for adventure, it’s often something quite different that beckons them to return – the towns with no traffic, the coasts with no crowds, the nooks with no noise. Globus designs the perfect balance of the hero sights travellers mustn’t miss and the hidden gems they otherwise would, offering a deeper glimpse into the world’s most intriguing destinations.

When travellers join Globus to veer off the beaten path, break away from the packs and even break bread with the locals, they’re in for an unparalleled vacation beyond the guidebooks that they couldn’t create on their own.

Beyond Hassles & Worries.

It’s a big world out there – with dizzying options for sightseeing, transportation and accommodations. Travellers needn’t spend hours trying to figure it out when we’ve spent over 90 years perfecting the dream vacation. With one-stop, they can secure an exclusive experience with all the right inclusions:

    Tour Directors & Local Guides
    Our Tour Directors and Local Guides are genuine locals and experts on the region through which we travel. Beyond navigation and narration, these true insiders enlighten with their own favorite spots and customs.

    Hand-Selected Hotels
    Among the many inclusions on a Globus vacation are the perfect places to rest – not just any hotels, but perfectly located, superior accommodations that maximize travellers’ time, fun and overall experience.

    Seamless Transportation
    From start-to-finish, a Globus vacation is a smooth ride. Whether aboard one of our deluxe touring motorcoaches or high-speed and mountain trains, river cruise ships or ferries, see the world from a variety of exhilarating vantage points. Transportation is always comfortable, enjoyable and included.

    Plus, it turns out that one of the most fun ways to see Europe is also one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. Our deluxe motorcoaches get a whopping 206.6 passenger miles per gallon and on average, are seven times more energy and fuel-efficient than single-occupancy automobiles. In fact, one spacious and comfy motorcoach can replace as many as 55 cramped passenger cars on the roads, slashing fuel usage and pollution emissions.

Beyond What Others Deliver.

Seven continents … 71 countries … and counting … We’ve spent nearly a century doing this and that means that Globus takes travellers beyond the guidebooks, beyond the expected and well beyond the cobblestone streets of Europe to lead travellers to the wonders and joys of the world, including the rainforests of South America, the national parks of North America, the Outback of Australia, the savannas of Africa, the neon-lit streets of Asia and even the icebergs of Antarctica.

And, while all Globus itineraries are perfectly planned to merge people, places and memories, they’re also designed to connect travellers to each destination, bridging interests and passions. Whether travellers prefer to be a passionate observer, an active participant or a combination of both, Globus offers a creative menu of optional excursions and activities – tailored to a variety of interests – so travellers can customize their adventure with personal preferences.

With an offering of more than 213 vacations across the globe, wayfarers and wanderers can travel almost anywhere in the world with a name they can count on. And with an eye on ever-evolving travel trends, Globus is always adding new vacations to fulfill the bucket lists of tomorrow.

Watch & Learn

An ordinary vacation is passive. An extraordinary vacation is called a tour. More precisely, a Globus tour. Because on a Globus tour you do; you make; you create; you experience. On a Globus escorted tour you see all the popular sites, but then you head off the beaten path to truly experience your destination. We take you behind the scenes to spotlight what makes these exciting destinations unique — and to introduce you to its local flavors.
Learn about the benefits of escorted tours with Globus by viewing our travel videos.

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