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Touring 101

So, what exactly is a tour?

If you're new to travel, you may be unclear on some of our terms. A tour? That's what rock stars go on, right? Not exactly. Travellers looking to experience the wonders of the world go on tours, too. To help you understand this rewarding style of travel, we've broken down the components of a tour and how people just like you are the VIPs.

Simply put, a tour is a perfectly planned vacation package.

There’s nothing easy about planning a vacation – the research, the planning, the reservations, and the logistics. Add in currency conversions and language barriers and you have one major project on your hands. A tour handles all the hassles, while you have all the fun.

There’s no driving, no navigating, and no crying.

Just the thought of foreign taxis, rental cars, train depots, and subway stations makes most travellers teary. A tour eliminates all logistic hassles by arranging your transportation around town, between cities, and just for fun. You can look forward to high-speed trains, scenic railways, ferries, day cruises, and more. Aboard our luxury motorcoaches, you’ll even have access to free Wi-Fi.

A tour delivers both daydreams and restful nights.

If you’ve ever searched online for a hotel, then you know the countless results can be overwhelming. How do you begin to choose? A tour includes pre-screened, brand-name hotels with the right address and the right amenities. Globus hotels are always first-class and above.

Tours skip the lines.

During peak travel times, independent travellers can find themselves waiting in line at the main attractions for up to six hours – not a good use of valuable vacation time. A tour offers a pre-planned, pre-purchased itinerary with VIP access to the must-see sights. Globus travellers skip the long lines and walk straight in.

On your own, you see. On a tour, you do.

Seeing the major sights at a destination is only part of the equation. Doing what the locals do is what journal entries are made of. Partake in a tango lesson in Argentina. Try your hand at ancient calligraphy in Japan. Bake your own scones in Ireland. We call these Local FavoritesSM, and they’re what Globus tours are made of. You’ll find your Local Favorites and the included inside visits in all CAPS in the day-by-day itineraries as you start to plan your vacation.

There is a rock star on your tour.

Only escorted tours include a Tour Director – an expert who lives and breathes your destination and shares their knowledge with you. Anyone can notice interesting landscapes or architecture. But a seasoned Tour Director brings those sights to life with the fascinating stories behind them.

And then there are the groupies.

Experiencing a dream destination is blissful. Experiencing it with like-minded travel companions who share your interests and passions is joyful. Who will be just as excited by the sights, the landscapes, the culture, and the cuisine? Your compatible travel companions on a Globus tour.

Meals are part of the deal.

Tours typically include many meals to minimize costs and maximize time. Think breakfast at your hotel before a day of sightseeing or perhaps dinner before the theatre so you don’t miss the first act. Globus likes to include “experiential” dining as well, like lunch at a working Argentine estancia or dinner on a Sicilian farm. You’ll find in the day-by-day itinerary where your meals are included.

Tours save your two favorite things: money and time.

Tour operators have the buying power that individual travellers simply don’t have, saving you up to 30% compared to purchasing all the components on your own. And by eliminating lines – and including the must-see sights and the must-get photo ops – you’ll actually have more free time to relax and explore on your own.

Ready to hit the road?

There’s no easier, breezier way to see the world than on a Globus tour. In fact, your only challenge is narrowing down a destination from our exciting selection of worldwide itineraries. We’ve done the planning. You just do the packing.

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