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Motorcoach Standards

Ride in Comfort

Each Globus motorcoach features plush, reclining seats with headrests, individual air-conditioning vents, and extra leg room. A high-fidelity sound system broadcasts professional Tour Director's commentary to every seat. Our custom of daily seat rotation gives everyone a variety of vantage points for a richer experience.

Free Wi-Fi on Your Motorcoach

Our state-of-the-art motorcoaches offer free Wi-Fi in North America and Europe, as well as video monitors. Once again, Globus has ushered touring into new territory, making it possible for travellers to stay connected with family and friends and browse online for free while touring. Most of our ultra-modern motorcoaches now feature free wireless Internet connection. So, as you're enjoying your escorted tour, you can share your experience with friends and relatives back home...and it's all at no cost!

NOTE: Free connectivity features browsing only; downloading is not available. Some tour departures may not offer this service. Unfortunately, details regarding availability cannot be provided prior to the commencement of the tour. Some countries—such as Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Russia, and Ukraine—and certain regions of other countries do not have Wi-Fi service coverage, so free Wi-Fi is not available. When local coaches are used for transfers or occasionally for sightseeing tours, wireless service is not available.

Limited Group Size for Extra Comfort

One big difference between tour operators is in your comfort on the motorcoach. With Globus, you get extra legroom…and a smaller average group size of just 36 travellers ensures you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out and relax. We know the extra space contributes enormously to your trip enjoyment.

Smoke-Free Coaches

For the comfort of all passengers, our motorcoaches are non-smoking, however, there are plenty of opportunities to smoke during the frequent stops.

Experienced & Professional Drivers

Globus drivers take pride in driving and in their vehicles, keeping them in great shape and spotlessly clean. Your driver will help you on and off the motorcoach with a smile and load your bags with care. Our travellers consistently lavish the highest praise on the person behind the wheel!

Emergency Restrooms

Motorcoaches in Europe are equipped with an emergency restroom. For transfers and sightseeing in London, this amenity is not available. We deliberately use the term "emergency restroom" because this facility is not meant to be used regularly in lieu of the restrooms at our frequent comfort stops.

Sustainable Travel

Globus is committed to reduce transportation-related energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. We utilize motorcoaches that are 5 years or newer and equipped with the latest technology in emission control and reduction. These modern motorcoaches provide 206.6 passenger miles per gallon and on average are seven times more energy and fuel efficient than a single-occupancy automobile. Each motorcoach replaces as many as 55 passenger cars on the roads, slashing fuel usage and pollution emissions.
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