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Help Save the Lion & Rhino


SANParksOver the last decade, South Africa has seen a massive increase in rhino poaching - from just a few a year to well in the hundreds. Of this number, around half reside in properties managed by SANParks, making the organization’s preservation efforts critical to the survival of this species.

As poachers continue to use more sophisticated methods, the fight to protect the rhino becomes an even greater challenge. To this end, the SANParks Honorary Rangers help supply the dedicated field rangers and counter-poaching teams with the valuable equipment that is essential to their success.

Wildlife Conservation Network

Wildlife Conservation NetworkOne century ago, lions roamed from India to Europe to the African Cape. But today, the king of beasts has been dethroned due to habitat loss and the encroachment of human populations. Africa’s parks and reserves alone could harbor four times as many lions as at present, if funded and managed, to secure habitat and increase prey and to make it easier for people to live alongside this most regal predator.

The Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) has been established by the Wildlife Conservation Network to double the number of lions by 2050. The solution to lion recovery lies in turning protected landscapes - core reserves and the communal lands in, around, and between them - into lionscapes where lions are protected and restored, while communities thrive.